Track & Field Assistant Coaches Form

  • Instructions

    DEADLINE: Thursday, April 21, 2022

    To: All Head Track & Field Coaches and Athletic Directors

    From: Jackie Martinez, NMAA Assistant Director

    Deadline: Form must be returned to the NMAA by Thursday, April 21, 2022 in order to receive the correct number of passes for your assistant coaches for the state track & field meet.

    RE: Track & Field Assistant Coaches passes for the State Track and Field Meet

    In an effort to make sure that all the proper passes are given to each head coach whose team is participating in the state track and field championships, we are asking for your help. This form will allow you to list all your track & field assistants who will need a pass for the state track and field meet. The coaches must be registered with MaxPreps and must have a current New Mexico Coaching License in order to receive a pass. Please do not list anyone on this form who is not an assistant coach for your team. This form must be signed by your Athletic Director to ensure that all assistants listed on this form are indeed listed on MaxPreps and do possess a New Mexico Coaching License.
  • Please list the names of your assistant coaches. All assistants must be listed on MaxPreps and must possess a New Mexico Coaching License in order to receive their pass to the state meet. We will verify this in our office once it is received. You will need your Athletic Directors signature for approval of all assistant coaches listed on this form. Athletic Directors and Bus Drivers will gain access to the meet by signing in at the comp gate.

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