Tennis Team Roster Form, 6-3 Format

On the official match lineup form, a coach may replace a member of a designated team as follows:

• Substitutions shall be on the full Team Roster, as declared on Monday of NMAA week #42

• Substitutions shall not be permitted to be entered in front of a stronger declared singles player/doubles team and coaches shall maintain a strongest to weakest lineup

• In doubles, coaches have the option to either replace a single player on a doubles team (i.e. replacing a member of #1 doubles with a member of #2 doubles) or also have the option of moving all declared teams forward in their lineup (declared #2 becomes #1; declared #3 becomes #2 etc.)

• In doubles, any player, or combination of players, from a lower declared team may replace players on the #3 doubles team

• Once official line-ups have been submitted for a dual, teams shall be required to shift lineups forward, and in the order submitted, to replace any vacancies created due to injury (if matches have begun, and this prevents players/teams from moving up, then the withdrawn player/team defaults that match)
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  • Doubles

    A player may only be listed on one doubles team.
  • #1 Doubles

  • #2 Doubles

  • #3 Doubles

  • #4 Doubles

  • #5 Doubles

  • #6 Doubles

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