Working Media Credentials- Updated

  • Media Credential Limits:
    Weekly & Bi-Weekly Newspapers will be limited to two media credentials.
    Radio Stations (covering A-3A schools) will be limited to three media credentials.
    Radio Stations (covering class 4A-5A schools), TV News Stations & Daily Newspapers will be limited to four media credentials.
    Website credential limits will be examined on a case by case basis.
  • Media Credentials

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  • Conditions

    Media passes shall be granted under the follow conditions:

    1.) Bearer of this credential agrees that he/she is engaged in a legitimate working function for an accredited media organization, and that the credential shall be used solely for news and editorial coverage (bona-fide news purposes) of NMAA sanctioned events. Credential holders could be required to show matching identification for the name/organization on the credential upon entry into an NMAA event.
    2.) Bearer of this credential is creating content exclusively for the accredited media organization represented, for purposes consistent with its normal publication and business functions. Media outlets using freelance photographers must have an arrangement with them where the outlet retains the rights to all images shot for its normal publication and business functions, and does not allow the selling of images beyond the outlet's normal polices. The NMAA does not issue photography credentials strictly for freelance purposes or to commercial photographers other than its licensed vendors for selected events.
    3.) The NMAA reserves the right to request content created by the accredited media organization to which this credential is issued for its publication, promotional, educational or public relations uses. The accredited media organization to which this credential is issued is required to provide content created to the NMAA at no cost to the NMAA upon request if the accredited media organization is engaged in the secondary use of content created in the news-gathering process for commercial purposes.
    4.) Bearer of this credential agrees that the accredited media organization and bearer shall indemnify, defend and hold the NMAA and all agents thereof harmless from and against any and all expenses, lawsuits, damages, costs and liabilities (including reasonable attorney fees and expenses) incurred by or in connection with:
    • Any injuries resulting from acts or omissions by the bearer or some third party to whom the bearer directly or indirectly distributed news and editorial content or photographs/electronic images;
    • Any cameras, wires, cables, computers, telephones or any other equipment brought to the premises by the bearer.
    5.) Bearer assumes all risk and danger incidental to all events and releases the NMAA and all agents thereof from any and all liabilities resulting from such cases.
    6.) Bearer agrees that this credential is not transferable, may be revoked at any time at the sole discretion of the NMAA and will automatically terminate if any term hereof is breached. In cases deemed unique by the NMAA, these policies and any other NMAA media policies may be amended. The accredited media organization and/or bearer that breaches the conditions of use of this credential is subject to legal liability as well as all costs incurred in enforcing the terms of these conditions including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees.”
    7.) The Bearer of these credentials has properly vetted its representatives and no representative for which a pass has been requested has been convicted of any sexual or inappropriate conduct with minors.
    8.) There will be a $20 replacement fee (payable to the NMAA Foundation) for any lost credential & a Photo ID maybe required for entry into events.
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